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5 Plant-powered prestigious athletes

Is it possible to build muscles without eating meat? These are some 5 plant-powered Athletes that proves you don’t need to eat meat for strength.

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1 – Lionel Messi

During play season Messi switches to a plant-based diet in order to improve his performance after Argentina failed to succeed in 2014 World Cup.

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2 and 3 – Serena and Venus Williams

Both sisters have been ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association at the world No. 1 position in both singles and doubles. Serena admits that although she eats most of the time plant-based foods, she likes to cheat one in a while.

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4 – Tom Brady

For most of the year he follows a plant-based diet. He claims that 80% of what he and his wife (Gisele Bundchen) eat is vegetables.

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5 – Lewis Hamilton

The F1 racer is a strictly vegan and actually owns a vegan Hamburger chain.

Remember that vegan diets eliminate all animal products, while plant-based diets do not necessarily eliminate animal products, but focus on eating mostly plants, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

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