IDYLL Environmental Economics works in tandem with individuals, society, and the public and private sectors to build a more sustainable future. In addition to our cultural and educational awareness programs (check Initiatives, Lectures and Courses), we offer a diverse range of services, adaptable in terms of scale and reality. The climate change market, besides being relatively recent, is extremely dynamic, permeating several levels of action. As we are keenly aware about the fluidity of this theme, we constantly update our portfolio. Our vision, based on plural and sustainable actions, is a global one.





  • Carbon footprint and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory
  • GHG reduction and mitigation
  • Strategic planning for carbon neutrality
  • Strategic planning for carbon pricing
  • Strategic Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consulting
  • Sustainability- and risk assessment-related modelling and consulting
  • Advisory and expert witness roles in climate litigation
  • Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) strategic consulting
  • Educational activities, including courses and lectures
Foto Amazonia 3 2
Amazon, Brazil – Photo: Sebastien Goldberg