3 Ways to Improve your Carbon Handprint

Many people are used to the term “Carbon footprint”, but have you already heard about “Carbon Handprint”? While Carbon footprint addresses the negative impacts of companies, organizations, and individual citizens on the environment through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, Carbon Handprint, in the other hand, address our beneficial impacts. It expresses our contribution to make a positive change in the world.


“Handprint” come from the concept of the hand as a symbol for action. Carbon Handprint includes both mitigating negative impact and making a positive impact, such as:

1. Reduce your own carbon footprint

Handprint 2

2. Help somebody else reduce his/her carbon footprint


3. Encourage actions with positive impacts

handprint 4

Carbon footprint can only ever be reduce to zero, while Carbon Handprint is limitless, since there is no limit to the good you can do.

You can find more information in Giving Legs to Handprint Thinking: Foundations for Evaluating the Good We Do.

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